Premium Custom Made Aligners.

Developed in a Certified Medical Device Laboratory with full automated facilities.

Faster, Cheaper - Unbeatable Turnaround

More Comfortable

Easy to use

BPA free

Nearly invisible and clear

Provides an overall health improvement

ROSE WHITE™ really cares

We truly believe that anyone deserve and need more than ever to smile and improve inner confidence and overall health with an extra added care and a new service level experience.

More than ever it is important to smile. We want to help and add a distinctive value into the orthodontics with a premium service, more innovation and a healthier experience available and accessible to everyone.


Quality assurance

Premium orthodontics correction

Treatment delivered in 7 days

International medical team

Perfectly transparent aligners

Premium medical grade

Adaptative kinetics

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For Happy People
In the initial meeting you will perform a check up and the dentist will get your dental impressions for the custom made clear aligners.

Once ROSE WHITE receives the impressions the treatment is designed immediately by our orthodontists according to all the information provided by your dentist.

In a single week you will get our box with your custom made aligners to start your treatment.
For Professionals
You will have a dedicated portal to open your cases and share all the necessary information with ROSE WHITE or to simple contact us for any support you need.

Get immediately a ethyos intraoral scanner and start your cases with one the most advanced tools in the market.

Working with ROSE WHITE will give you access to medical grade products and services with maximum comfort and quality using the best industry standards.

The results speak for themselves.

Lizzie Rose

“I have been very pleased with my Rose White treatment as I have watched my teeth move toward the pleasing smile I was promised. They are comfortable, easy to wear and have already made a difference after three weeks!”

Barbara Cotilla

“ I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have a nice smile and a healthy bite. Having your dentist oversee everything adds to the undertaking. Thanks, Rose White for my new smile.”

Adem Smith

“ Rose White was easy and the results were amazing! I couldn't be more happy with my experience with them! The aligners came in quickly, easy to manage, and the results are fast! ”

Start your smile journey today!